I transform the bored and disengaged to become energetic learners through personal interest discovery.

Daniel Bevan
Owner of DB Designs
Peter's greatest skill is listening. He's more interested in solving problems than "being right". That makes him a valuable educator and presenter.
David Douglas
Founder of Yolobe
Peter is an incredibly passionate and thoughtful leader. His vision for Disrupt Education is spot on: traditional education is failing many of our students. I've learned a ton from Peter and his work. His commitment to youth and their development has been a continuous source of inspiration for me personally.
Carlos Font
Co-Founder of Vertabiz
I have seen Peter Hostrawser motivate students to start-up their own blogs, vlogs, shoe businesses, small businesses and other passions. It is always a good idea to have Peter speak as he consistently finds new funny, creative ways to inspire.
Professor Darryl E. Allen
Founder of the Mentorship Institute
Peter Hostrawser is a promoter and practitioner of 21st century education. I spent one semester co-instructing with him in Oak Park, Illinois, and subsequently invited him to observe projects I was managing in Oakland, California. My experience confirms that Peter is dedicated and gifted.
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