Business Teacher | Career Coach  Curriculum Designer

I have been an educator for over 20 years witnessing the changing students in a stagnant system. Listening to student voices through my podcast has taught me how and why people in traditional educational settings burn out. Consulting with EdTech companies has taught me how to work with startups and education systems. Creating curriculum for organizations connecting their needs to learners is a specialty of mine. Over the past 5 years I have built my brand around innovative education with one goal in mind.

Helping others find and show their value.


CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: Reach out if you need help developing your businesses/educational curriculum. I specialize in working with organizations to connect their learning goals with employees and customers to create positive learning outcomes

CAREER COACHING: As an expert in career planning and portfolio building, I specialize in helping clients find their skills and strengths. I help people build their best personal and professional selves to maximize their opportunities in life.

EDTECH CONSULTING: As an innovative educator teaching business at the high school level, I have the opportunity to see both sides of the EdTech world. I interact with a variety of solutions with my students, and educators, and provide valuable feedback to startups

SPEAKING: Have me speak about leadership building, educational strategies, gradeless education, the humanistic approach to education at your next event
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