I am constantly questioning traditional education systems. I believe the only way to improve something is to ask why we do the things the way we do them. I am committed to researching the lives and minds of current and blossoming entrepreneurs, creatives and students.  

In 2008, I founded the OPRF School of Business at Oak Park and River Forest High School.  Along the way, I have found that disengaged high school students thrive in the student centered learning environment.  Many of my students have launched their own businesses while still in high school.
In 2016, I launched #disrupteducation as a platform to tell the stories of non-traditional paths of students and adults that lead to success.  The goal of #disrupteducation is to find common denominators within the stories of non-traditionally educated successful people.  I plan to use these stories and research to teach students how to be successful in traditional and non-traditional paths of education.  I hope to disrupt traditional secondary education to make it more authentic for all students.


Students transitioning out of high school are typically not ready for the next level of education. Paying a university to "find your passion" is extremely expensive and impractical. I equip young learners with authentic knowledge that is missed in traditional high school systems. Skills like networking, social media branding, online professionalism, job shadowing, and mentorship are topics the next level demands. Disrupt Education aims to provide youth with skills to improve their educational ROI and maximize future opportunities.
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