Every time I walk through the halls of high schools, I notice that many students are disconnected and lost. They have their heads down.  They look sad.  There are few smiles to be seen.  Our youth run through the mundane school day with little ambition.  They are just trying to keep up.  They are overwhelmed with busy work called homework.  These students can’t understand WHY they are in this outdated system.  They feel defeated.  They are waiting out their four year term to get the diploma and move on.  That was my story in high school as well.  I decided to change things. I decided to disrupt education.

Disrupt Education is about transforming bored, unengaged students and lighting them up through their personal interests and ideas.  We transition students from the “gotta get homework done” to fueling their ambition and learning more through their personal interests.  Disrupt Education creates a framework and an environment along with the support of mentors and coaches to enable young people to navigate complex situations.  

Step 1 -   We help identify and clarify people's ambitions.

Step 2 -  We build people's brand around that ambition.

Step 3 -  We connect people to professionals and networks in order to expand their                    ambitions into realities.

Paying a university to "find your passion" is extremely expensive and impractical. We equip young learners with authentic knowledge that is missed in traditional educational systems. Skills like networking, social media branding, online professionalism, job shadowing, and mentorship are topics the next level demands. Disrupt Education aims to provide you with skills to improve your educational ROI and maximize future opportunities through your personal interests. In short, we fuel people's ambitions.

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