4 Ways AI will transform Career Technical Education

Written on
December 22, 2022
Peter Hostrawser

Educators can get a bit ahead by understanding how AI is already starting to transform career technical education (CTE).

Let's take a look at 4 ways...

Personalized learning

AI can analyze a student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style to create a customized curriculum that is tailored specifically to them. This can lead to more efficient and effective learning, as students are able to focus on the material that they need to learn rather than getting bogged down by content that they already understand.

Virtual assistants

AI-powered virtual assistants can provide students with real-time support and feedback as they work through their course material. This can help students stay on track and overcome any obstacles they encounter. While this will in my opinion never completely replace a human, it may help us end the teaching of learned helplessness which still occurs in schools...even with Google!

Simulation and virtual reality

AI can be used to create realistic simulations and virtual reality experiences that allow students to practice and apply their skills in a safe, controlled environment. This can be especially useful for hands-on fields like welding or automotive repair, where students may not have access to real-world equipment. A great place to start looking into this is Transfr. Our school is currently in conversations with Transfr and it looks very promising!

Data analysis

AI can analyze large amounts of data from students' learning experiences and provide insights and recommendations to teachers and administrators. This can help educators identify areas where students are struggling and make adjustments to the curriculum or teaching methods to better meet their needs. This goes right along with personalized learning. Data can help teachers understand and guide students personally without trying to keep everyone at the same pace... which is really like herding cats!

Overall, AI will revolutionize career technical education by providing personalized, efficient, and effective learning experiences for students. As AI continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative ways in which it is used to enhance career technical education.

Brace for the change... embrace opportunities!

Peter Hostrawser
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