One More Step...

Written on
May 17, 2020
Peter Hostrawser

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was riding a bus to play a baseball game in Bremen, Indiana. I was a Junior in high school and we were headed to play the Lions for a double header. My mind was focused. We always had a tough time with the Lions. They were in our conference and always had tough pitching. As the bus started to slow down and take the right turn to park on the street next to the field, my heart raced. I gathered up my bat and bag and tightened up my cleats. I exited the bus and started across the street to our dugout.

It happened so fast … my life almost changed for the worse that day.

A beige blur of a car drove right in front of me and the front tire slightly ran over my right foot. I think my knee even bumped the front fender. The car didn’t even stop. It just kept driving by. No one really noticed. I didn’t even think about it at the moment. I checked my foot which was just fine. I headed into the dugout and played both games on that Saturday afternoon. I can’t even remember the outcomes. All I remember is that I almost died that day.

A few years later in college, I was having a tough time. I was struggling through my studies and such. Typical college blues I guess. Then one night, the flashback of that car almost running over me came screaming back. I knew it was a sign. It all could've been worse.

From that day on, any time I feel down or sad about life, I go back to that day and remind myself I am still alive. There is a reason I am still here. I was less than an inch from having my life ended or drastically changed.

One more step…

I often tell my students this story to let them know that we all could be in worse situations. It is my reminder that I need to keep going. It is my reminder that I have more to give in this life. There was a reason that day happened and I believe this event happened to remind me that when I get stuck in life, everything will be okay. I’m still here.

I challenge everyone reading this to find a moment in their life where it could have gone terribly wrong and changed your path in a negative way. Think of that moment and use it to remind yourself that you are still here. You too have more to live for. You are here for a reason.

Use it to keep learning and improving on your journey.

Peter Hostrawser
Creator of Disrupt Education
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