The question every student needs to have two answers for.

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September 23, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

As I was beginning my journey to disrupt education, my wife worked at a prominent university as a consultant in their education division.  She had access to major decision makers in the world of educational research.  I was giddy with excitement to find out more about new initiatives in education.  I asked my wife to check with her connections to see if I could connect with the new CEO of the division.  Within a week, through an acquaintance of my wife, I was connected with the CEO on LinkedIn.  I was introduced through a connection on that platform and then was stifled by a question he asked me.  “Hi Peter, how may I help you?”

I hadn’t thought of that question.  Ever.  I thought I would be connected to this person and he would start asking questions about what I was doing with disrupting education and taking full interest in what I was finding out.  I never thought I would need help.  I had no answer.  THe answer I gave was something like, “No help right now, I wanted to connect with you to see what innovative things your organization is doing.”  I never heard from him again.  I screwed up.  It was a major lesson in networking.  

I have met some major players in education since that time years ago.  I hear the same question from them as well only now I have two answers every time.  I also take a few steps of research before I interact with people.  I look into what the person is about and try to find out part of their journey.  I also look for parallels in what I am doing and what they have done or are currently working on.  When I hear “How can I help you.”  I am no longer silent.  I always make sure I have two answers to that question.  The answer requires me to think in terms of my goals for disrupt education.  It also requires me to think about myself and what I can and can’t accomplish.  Additionally, I have to know my strengths and weaknesses.  Sounds like a lot of self-awareness doesn’t it?  It is.  

In educational systems, we do not do a good job of teaching self-awareness.  I often ask students if their hero in life is in front of them and ask them “How can I help you?” they should have two answers.  Teach your students this.  You will definitely improve the success rate of your class.

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