Too much pressure for the traditional path...

Written on
August 6, 2023
Peter Hostrawser

In my years of interviewing hundreds of graduates on the Disrupt Education Podcast, I've noticed an undeniable trend - the pressure to follow traditional education paths can be overwhelming for many students.  While only a few stick to the same institution for a four-year college degree, a significant percentage venture into diverse paths - from taking breaks, transferring, changing majors, to entering the workforce or the military.

But here's the inspiring part - the majority of these students are doing well financially and are genuinely happy with their choices.

It's essential to recognize that traditional education doesn't necessarily lead to a one-size-fits-all success story.

As a parent and educator, I firmly believe that giving our youth the freedom to explore different paths after high school is a valuable gift. Letting them ponder their choices and find their true selves allows them to make informed decisions about their future.

By removing the pressure to conform to a predefined path, we encourage our young minds to delve deeper into their interests and skills. This exploration helps them discover their passions and builds the confidence they need to continue their education journey.

Taking time to think, understand their identity, and explore various industries before committing to costly educational paths is a wise investment in our children's future.  It allows them to develop a sense of purpose and a clearer vision of where they want to go.

So, let's empower our youth to break free from the mold and embrace their unique journeys. We can support their exploration, help them discover their potential, and build a generation of confident, fulfilled individuals who make meaningful contributions to society!

Peter Hostrawser
Creator of Disrupt Education
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