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March 27, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

I am changing jobs this summer and teaching at a new school.  It is an exciting change for me in the profession of teaching.  In this process, I have to go back and collect all my official transcripts from all the different colleges and universities I have attended.  There are 7 different institutions I received credit from in my post high school studies. In 2018 you would think it was easy… think again.

Today I received a rather abrupt email form one of the institutions I received a Bachelor's Degree:

Dear Peter,

I am not sure where you found an extremely out-dated transcript request form, but we cannot fulfill transcripts using this form. You will need to order the transcript online using (our online system). If you have not done this recently, you will need to request access first. We have taken the liberty to void your check which will be returned to you by mail. Instructions for both the transcript request and access request are available on our website.

Wow.  That was kinda in my face.  I looked at this and thought… this “extremely out-dated form” (which outdated doesn’t actually need a hyphen) was emailed to me from an online course company that this particular university uses to make easy money with.  Maybe if the represented asked how I came across this type of request form in a nice way, they would figure out it was not on me. Maybe the student representative in the registrar’s office would be a little more empathetic.  Maybe they just don’t teach customer service here.

Making an alum feel like crap when they are simply requesting something they earned and paid for is just plain bad business.  I wonder how this university actually treats it’s students who are still paying for their education or haven’t earned a degree yet?

The other six schools had very easy ways to get the transcripts.  When I made a mistake, they were very kind and helped out. Colleges and Universities are going to feel the heat more and more regarding who attends them and why.  They should really take a look at how they are interacting with their previous members. It can make a huge difference in perception.

Gee… I wonder which school my kids aren’t going to attend?

Another way to #disrupteducation

(*this is obviously a rant and I am aware that this may be an isolated incident on this campus!  Never the less, it made me think about it.)

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